Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions of sale and delivery apply to the Ordering Entity and the Supplier provided that they are not derogated from by an explicit agreement to this effect between the parties.


Clause 1  Quotation and agreement

1.1              The quotation is binding on the Supplier for fourteen (14) days from the quotation date.

1.2              An agreement is concluded when the Ordering Entity’s acceptance has been received by the Supplier.

1.3              If the Ordering Entity has requested the Supplier to produce concept development, creative proposals, original material, etc., the Supplier is entitled to be remunerated for this work.

1.4              The quotation is contingent on the following prerequisites:

  • that the materials and processes can be mechanically processed as presumed in the quotation;
  • that the Ordering Entity does not demand that the work be performed as part deliveries rather than one combined delivery, as specified in the quotation;
  • that the material submitted by the Ordering Entity corresponds to the quotation submitted by the Supplier.


Clause 2  Price

2.1              All prices are exclusive of VAT and delivery charges. Minimum order is. DKK 250,-

2.2              If wages, the cost of materials, public taxes or other costs increase during the time leading up to order completion, the Supplier is entitled to adjust the price to account for such documented increases.

2.3              If wages, the cost of materials, public taxes or other costs decline during the time leading up to order completion, the Ordering Entity is entitled to demand that the price be adjusted to account for such documented declines.

2.4              Prices in foreign currency are based on the exchange rate in Danish kroner (DKK) in effect on the quotation date or order confirmation date. For exchange-rate changes occurring before payment, the Supplier reserves the right to change the price correspondingly.

2.5              In addition to the quoted or agreed price, the Supplier is entitled to demand payment for the following:

  • Extra work as a result of the source material given to the Supplier by the Ordering Entity turning out to be incomplete, unsuitable or inadequate.
  • Extra work resulting from the Ordering Entity requesting corrections or changes to the submitted material after the work process has commenced.
  • Extra work resulting from the Ordering Entity carrying out more proofreading cycles than agreed in the quotation.
  • Overtime and other measures agreed with the Ordering Entity after the signing of the agreement.
  • Storage, delivery, handling and dispatch of the Ordering Entity’s digital or analogue material and tools after delivery has taken place.
  • Extra work caused by the agreement not being able to be implemented in a continuous production process due to circumstances at the Ordering Entity.


Additional conditions for bookbinding:

2.6              The calculation of prices is based on the receiving of paper that is jogged and cut at a right angle with a clearly indicated back gauge and undamaged edges.
An additional price will be charged for sheets which stick together.

2.7              Any faults in the printed stock which cause a production stoppage at the Supplier entitle the Supplier to receive payment for lost production time and other loss.


Clause 3  Delivery

3.1              Delivery takes place at the time agreed with the Ordering Entity, though subject to delays or obstacles caused by:

  • an act or omission of the Ordering Entity;
  • faults or damage to production equipment which has verifiably caused a delay or damaged the production process;
  • industrial conflicts of every description;
  • every circumstance that is beyond the control of the Supplier, such as fire, water damage, natural disasters, war, mobilisation or unforeseen military induction of a similar scope, requisitioning, confiscation, insurrection, civil disorder, currency restrictions, transport irregularities, scarcity of goods, motive-power restrictions, bans on exports and imports and other similar force majeure situations.

3.2              In the event of such delays, the Supplier is entitled to prolong the delivery time or rescind the agreement.

3.3              If an incident such as the above renders the performance of the Supplier’s delivery obligations more costly, the Supplier is under an obligation to meet the delivery obligations, provided that the Ordering Entity states its willingness to pay the additional charge calculated by the Supplier.

3.4              In the event that a delivery date has not been agreed, the Supplier determines the delivery date.


Clause 4  Payment

4.1              Payment shall be made either on the date specified on the quotation, order confirmation or invoice as the last day for punctual payment or in cash on delivery.

4.2              Interest accrues from the due date at the Supplier’s interest rate in effect from time to time. The interest rate is currently 2% p.a.

4.3              At the request of the Supplier, the Ordering Entity is at any time under an obligation to provide a bank guarantee as security for payment.

4.4              If this request is made after the signing of the agreement, the Supplier is under an obligation to indemnify the Ordering Entity for any expense relating to this.


Clause 5  Title, copyright, etc.

5.1              The Supplier holds the copyright for any preparatory work and concepts, creative proposals, original material, layout, etc., developed by the Supplier and said copyright may not be transferred to a third party without the Supplier’s consent.

5.2              Whatever the Supplier produces or has outsourced in terms of preparatory work, intermediate products, materials, tools, etc., for use in fulfilling the order is the property of the Supplier. This shall apply regardless of whether the produced material is invoiced separately.

5.3              The items specified in sub-clause 5.2 may solely be used for works for the Ordering Entity and will only be stored if a separate agreement to this effect exists.


Clause 6  Delay

6.1              If a delay arises, the Ordering Entity is only entitled to rescind the agreement pursuant to the qualification stipulated in sub-clause [3.1.] provided that the Ordering Entity at the time of entering into the agreement has specified the importance of delivering the order at a specifically appointed time.


Clause 7  Faults and deficiencies

7.1              The Supplier cannot be held liable for defects which the Ordering Entity has not corrected in writing during the proofreading process, including printed material, digital information, proof copy and similar.

7.2              The Ordering Entity is not entitled to a discount or to refuse to accept the service/product ordered in the event of minor deviations from an approved proof copy or agreed specification.

7.3              The Supplier has the right to a delivery deviation of up to 10% of the agreed print run. In instances where paper or other material has been specifically produced for the order by a party other than the Supplier, the Supplier has the right to a reasonable delivery deviation beyond the 10% of the agreed print run, though at most equivalent to the material supplier’s terms of delivery.

7.4              If an order is defective, the Ordering Entity is responsible for filing a complaint immediately. If the Ordering Entity fails to file a complaint or files a complaint too late, the Ordering Entity loses the right to advance the claim concerning the defect. The Supplier is entitled to remedy a defect, provided that this can take place within a reasonable period of time.

7.5              The Supplier is not liable for faults or deficiencies that are attributable to the fact that the Ordering Entity has provided its own paper or other materials for the order.

7.6              The Supplier cannot be held liable for faulty placement of adhered or inserted elements if the Ordering Entity has not given the Supplier precise instructions in writing about the placement of these.

7.7              The Supplier offers no guarantee against defective or duplicated numbers for orders containing numbered works. For orders containing works that are numbered on receipt, any corrections of numbers will be calculated as an extra charge.



Clause 8  Liability to pay damages



8.1              The Supplier and the Ordering Entity are liable to pay damages for their own acts and omissions pursuant to the general compensation rules of Danish law.

8.2              Any contradictory conditions in the contractual basis notwithstanding, the Supplier cannot be held liable vis-à-vis the Ordering Entity for failing to meet any obligation that is attributable to force majeure. Exemption from liability exists for as long as the force majeure exists. Force majeure is considered any situation that is beyond the control of the Supplier and which the Supplier could not have foreseen at the conclusion of the agreement, such as unusual natural conditions, war, acts of terrorism, fire, flooding, vandalism and labour disputes.


Product liability

8.3              As regards product liability, the general rules of Danish law on product liability in effect from time to time shall apply.

8.4              Unless otherwise specified in mandatory rules of law and provided that the Supplier has not acted with gross negligence, the Supplier cannot be held liable for operating loss, loss of profit or other indirect loss that is attributable to the product-liability loss.

8.5              The Ordering Entity shall indemnify the Supplier for loss to the extent that liability is imposed on the Supplier vis-à-vis a third party for such damage or loss for which the Supplier cannot be held liable vis-à-vis the Ordering Entity, pursuant to sub-clauses 8.3 and 8.4.


Alternative to sub-clause 8.5

                   If the Supplier incurs liability relating to the Ordering Entity’s use of goods and/or services delivered – including resale – the Ordering Entity is under an obligation to indemnify the Supplier.


Third-party rights

8.6              The Supplier cannot be held liable for the Ordering Entity’s insufficient legal basis for the reproduction, duplication or publication of type, images, drawings, patterns, illustrations, texts, trade marks, other trade names and other trade dress, including a design or other aspect that can be governed by the rights of a third party.

8.7              If the Supplier is liable to pay damages to a third party as a result of the Ordering Entity’s lack of title to commercial use of a third party’s rights, the Ordering Entity is under an obligation to indemnify the Supplier for this.


Additional conditions for bookbinding

8.8              The Supplier does not pay a discount or compensation for any shortage of copies due to an insufficient number of make-ready sheets submitted to the Supplier.

                   The following percentages are specified as guidelines for a sufficient number of make-ready sheets:

  • print runs of over 1,000 copies………. 0%
  • print runs of over 2,000 copies………. 0%
  • print runs of over 5,000 copies………. 0%
  • print runs of over 10,000 copies…….. 0%
  • print runs of over 20,000 copies…….. 5%


                   For calculating the number of make-ready sheets, account shall also be taken of paper quality, condition of the printing, whether the work is carried out manually or mechanically as well as the number of disciplines through which the printed matter shall pass, all of which are factors that can result in requiring a higher number of make-ready sheets to be provided than presumed. If part delivery is required, a higher wastage rate shall be expected.

8.9              The Supplier is not under an obligation to verify the print run received in terms of volume or condition.

8.10            The Supplier is entitled to deliver print runs, as a fully satisfactory delivery, containing defective specimens constituting up to one half of one percent (0.5%) of the print run.

8.11            In instances where the Supplier has undertaken the delivery of finished goods to the Ordering Entity’s customers, the Supplier cannot be held liable for any handling errors. In addition, the Ordering Entity is responsible for verifying that delivery information, etc., given to the Supplier is correct.


Additional conditions for reproduction output

8.12            The Ordering Entity’s quality control takes over full liability from the commencement of the printing process. In the event of faults in printing forms, including printing plates, films, files, etc., the Supplier cannot be held liable to pay damages for loss resulting from this, but is solely under an obligation to provide new, corrected printing forms.


Clause 9  External suppliers

9.1              The Supplier is entitled to outsource work in part or in full to external suppliers.


Clause 10 Periodical texts/continuing contract work

10.1            Unless otherwise agreed with the Ordering Entity of periodical texts/continuous contracts, a term of notice of three (3) months shall apply.


Clause 11 Choice of applicable law and venue

11.1            Danish law shall apply to this agreement provided that the legal position is not laid down in the text of the agreement or in these terms and conditions of sale and delivery.

11.2            Any dispute concerning the interpretation of the agreement or the performance and enforcement of the terms may only be brought before a Danish court of law in accordance with Danish rules on jurisdiction.